The seasonal soup, marketed at £1.50, was only produced in a 500-can production run, which sold out within hours of its launch this morning.

Heinz has launched a ‘ Christmas dinner ’ soup packed with turkey and stuffing, promising to erase the stress of cooking on the big day and combat any supermarket shortages.

However, anyone wanting to say farewell to their days of peeling potatoes and wrapping bacon around their saussies had to get in quick.

The new product was only produced in a 500-can production run and sold out online within hours of its launch this morning.

Heinz says the soup is “packed full of big chunks of all your festive feasting favourites: Turkey, stuffing, chunky potatoes, brussels sprouts and even pigs in blankets”.

The soup, marketed at £1.50, is perfect for those wanting “no-nonsense seasonal satisfaction,” the product description says.

Heinz has hinted the Big Soup flavour could be back, with bigger stock numbers, if it proves a hit with shoppers.

Anke von Hanstein, the brand manager for Heinz Soups, said: “It is made for those with a big love for hearty festive flavours and tastes just perfect with a slice of warm crusty bread.

“Any soup that includes pigs in blankets and roasties is a winner in our eyes.”

The launch of the nifty product comes as experts have suggested there could be shortages of certain products like turkey and pigs and blankets this Christmas.

The issues are being caused by a mixture of coronavirus delays and post-Brexit rules, while retailers are still grappling with a shortfall of around 100,000 HGV drivers.

Last week the boss of Sainsbury’s hinted that shoppers may have less choice when doing their food shopping this Christmas.

The supermarket chief said that there should be plenty of food to go around – but that it might not be consumers’ first choice.

Demand for turkeys is soaring ahead of Christmas as shoppers brace for festive food shortages, experts warn.

Frozen turkey sales has almost doubled, according to analysts at Kantar, suggesting that Brits are stashing them in the freezer in case they can’t find any closer to Christmas.

Kantar also said frozen stuffing sales are up by a fifth, while Iceland said it had seen a 400% increase in turkey sales and a three-fold hike in frozen party food purchases.

Food experts have told shoppers they should consider buying Christmas dinner in advance and storing it in the freezer if they want to avoid going without.