Simple and Easy Cake Cookbook covers everything from cake equipment essentials that every baker needs in their kitchen, tips and tricks, buttercream basics; so you can create the perfect frosting for your cakes, a step-by-step decorating tutorial where she demonstrates how to prep, stack, fill, crumb coat, final coat, add the drip, decorate and transfer to a cake stand; this is accompanied by step-by-step photo’s spread over 5 pages, so it’s really detailed which is perfect for a beginner.



We are then taken on a journey of cupcake recipes set out in the same way, with a list of what to expect over the following pages and every recipe accompanied by a photo. In all, there are over 50 cake and frosting recipes!

You will enjoy flicking through the pages admiring all the photo’s of beautiful cakes covered in deliciously smooth frosting, decorated with swirls of buttercream, sprinkles, fruit and treats! It really is stunning if you just love ogling pretty cakes! You’re sure to find the perfect cake for any summer extravaganza, neighborhood bake-off, or cozy holiday retreat. I think you love this, there is a list of all the large cakes from almond joy cake right through delicious sounding combo’s such as dark chocolate mint cake, hot fudge sundae cake, ultimate s’mores cake to yellow cake with brownie batter buttercream!
There are pages upon pages of delicious sounding cakes accompanied by beautfiful photographs of every creation in it’s completed form. I love seeing a photo of the finished product so I can really get an insight into what each cake should look like when it’s complete. Some of these include a photo of the cake sliced…which makes the cakes look even more appealing